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The model VF-500IS is an experimental-use or pilot-production-use batch type vapor phase reflow
soldering machine.

It allows reflow soldering by heating at a constant temperature of 215 degrees C with the heat of
condensation emitted from the vapor of fluoro-inert liquid (Fluorinert or Galden).
Reflow soldering operation can be monitored through the transparent glass tank.


  • Capable of reflow soldering at a precise and constant temperature. Fluorinert(FC-70) or Galden(LS/215) are stable liquids which boil at 215 degrees C. The heat of condensation emitted from the saturated vapor eliminates the fear of damaging parts such as LSIs, etc.
  • Uniform soldering assured regardless of the shape or size of parts. Since reflow soldering takes place in the saturated vapor zone, the entire board can be heated more uniformly than with hot-air or far-infrared ray methods.
  • Most suitable for reflow soldering of boards, such as densely mounted IMB memory units or with PLCC and SOJ Packages on the board.


  • Applicable circuit boards: Max 100×100mm
  • Vapor liquid : Fluorinert FC-70 (3M) 300cc or Galden LS/215 (Montedison)
  • Boiling point : 215 degrees C
  • Reflow time : 10 to 50sec.
  • Power supply : AC100V/120V/220V 1kW 50/60Hz
  • External dimensions : (W)260×(D)260×(H)520mm
  • Weight : about 10kg
  • Accessories : Fluorinert FC-70 or Galden LS/215 300cc
  • Board holder :1pc
  • Gloves :1pair

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