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This is the next generation robot which has all the functions necessary for selective soldering built into the machine. The L-CAT NEO has been designed for either an in-line or lean manufacturing process. A data management is available for PC communication, smart phone (IPhone, IPAD, Android) and mobile equipment.


We have over 40 years of results and experience as a soldering robot manufacturer.  Our application knowledge and customer requirements have made us stronger than our competitors.

Gantry Type Soldering Robot Exclusive

X, Y, Z and ZR axes are the all including X axis, are available the easy designing fixture and conveyer layout. Heavy work and long length work are no problem for the L-CAT NEO because there is no need to move the fixture. Moreover, this is available to the in-line and cell production.

Programming Freedom

Normally soldering robots are fixed sequence.  However, “L-CAT NEO” has a highly flexible soldering sequence that can be customized to meet the needs of your specific application.  The L-CAT NEO offers flexibility for customization of parameters for applications which require high thermal energy as well as fine pitch devices.

Device choice, rich function of communication system

The robot management to the computer is now taken as a matter of course, you’re smart phone can communicate to the robot. The performance is becoming the name of next generation robot.


  • Available for Windows 7 (32, 64 bit) and Windows XP
  • Can manage multiple robots for Ethernet
  • Data logging to the robot’s state. Saved as csv file type
  • Sends/Receives and edit and save teaching data
  • Teaching and data managment used on iPhone, iPad, Andriod and Windows smartphones


Type 4330/4430/ 4530

Drive Method Stepping Motor
Encoder 4-axes Applicable
X,Y,Z Axes 0.01mm
Resolution R Axis 0.1°
Operation Range X,Y Axes

4330 Model
4430 Model
4530 Model

300 x 300mm
400 x 300mm
500 x 300mm
Z Axis 60mm
R Axis ± 180°
Portable weight 6 Kg
Axis Speed X,Y Axes Max : 800mm/sec , Min : 0.1mm/sec
Z Axis Max : 320mm/sec , Min : 3.2mm/sec
R Axis Max : ± 800°/sec , Min : 8°/sec
X,Y,Z Axes ± 0.01mm
Repeatability R Axis ± 0.02°
Remote Teaching (JOG)
Teaching Method Manual Data Input (MDI)
External Input / Output Input : 39 Output : 39
Program Capacity 512 program
Memory Capacity 500,000 point
Setting Temperature 0 ~ 500 C
Solder Feeding Speed 1.0mm/sec ~ 50.0mm/sec
Solder Feeding Amount Resolution 0.1mm
Solder Diameter Using ZSB Feeder 0.4 mm ~ 1.0mm (Option: 0.3, 1.2, 1.6mm)
Using Normal Feeder 0.3 mm ~ 1.6 mm
Heater Capacity 130W ( Option: 200W Available )
Nitrogen Generator Standard Equipment to Robot inside With Digital Flow meter
Display Language English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish
Power Source AC94V _ 260V (Single Phase)

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