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These are easy-to-use high-precision hot plates developed for pre-heated or reflow soldering of SMT PC
boards, and can be used in QFP, BGA repair work etc. Model HT-1350 also has (Model HT-1350C) with the cover.


  • Equipped with a work plate.
  • Handling work such as reflow
    soldering after heating is safe
    and simple.


  • Hot Plates :120×140×8mm
  • Operable Temperature Range :0 to 300°C
  • Temperature Precision :±1%
  • Sensor :Thermoelectric couple K(CA)
  • Temperature control :PID
  • Heater :Plate heater 350W
  • Start-up time (20°C→200°C) 7 minutes
  • Applicable circuit boards :Max 120×140mm
  • Work plate :120×140mm
  • Power Supply :AC100V/120V/220V/240V and 360W
  • External dimensions :(W)250×(D)180×(H)116mm
  • Weight :2.5kg


  • Pre-heat and reflow soldering
    of Hybrid IC boards and mini-
    SMT boards.
  • Thermosetting of adhesives.
  • Other pre-heating or heating

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