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The HD-6780 dispenser is an air-type dispenser unit designed for coating a fixed amount of solder paste (solder cream) on Hybrid IC boards and SMT boards. Also functioning as a vacuum pincette, chip parts and FPIC/LSI can be installed with ease using this unit.


  • Since this equipment also becomes vacuum pincette, it can also perform mounting of tip parts or QFP.


Input air pressure Max 7.0kgf/cm2
Air pressure regulation 0.2 to 7.0kgf/cm2
Timer 0.1 to 5 seconds(auto-regulated) analog
Applicable material Cream solder, adhesives, etc.
Applicable air hose 6mm(outside diameter)×4mm(inside diameter)
Power supply AC100/120/220V 8W 50/60Hz
External dimensions (W)200×(D)190×(H)70mm
Weight 1.9kg
Vacuum pincette part
Vacuum regulation 0 to 400mmHg
Suction force 100g/8φ nozzle/1.8kgf/cm2
Nozzles 0.34φ to 8φ (6 nozzles)

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