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Low Price Reflow Checker


• CTP-300U/CTP-600U is low-priced temperature profile checker.
• A measurement range is 0 - 400°C.
• CTP-300U/CTP-600U can easily measure a temperature profile of Lead-free soldering and High-temperature soldering.

• A profile of measurement temperature is seen with a screen of a PC at realtime.

Set Includes

1     Measurement Unit
1     Power supply unit(with German-Plug adapter)
3/6    Sensor(K)
1     CD-ROM(Application software)
1     Data output cable RS-232C(9p D-Sub/1.8m)
1     USB converter cable(RS-232C - USB/1m)
1     Kapton tape(10m)

Main Body

(W)150×(D)170×(H)54mm, 500g, Plastic Case
Carton, 350×250×150mm 1.5kg (Net 0.9kg)

* Do not enter a main body device in a furnace.


• Measurement method         Sensor cable method
• Measurement range          0 - 400°C
• Accuracy               ±2°C
• Resolution               0.5°C
• Measurement channel     CTP-300U:3ch / CTP-600U:6ch
• Measurement time          Max 12 min
• Sampling time          1 sec
• Sensor               CA(K) 0.2mmØ 3m
• Data Output              RS-232C / USB
• Power supply              AC100V - 240V 3VA
• Application software          CD Ver1.10 Japanese/English
• Computer configuration(PC is not included.)
Minimum PC configuration
CPU     Higher Pentium 200MHz.
RAM     32MB or more.
HDD     50MB available storage for software and Data.
CD drive     1
COM port     RS-232C or USB
Display     VGA 640×480 resolution
Operating System
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP

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