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The BM-100V is machine for mounting ball terminals on BGA, CSP, MCM and other packages by using a microscreen (option). lts applicability ranges from CSP with 30 pins to MCM with 3,000 pins for balls with a diameter of 0.28mmφ to 0.89mmφ. With the machine it is easy to mount ball terminals on a small quantity of packages when reballing on reprocessed packages, or when mounting balls on newly developed chips, etc.


  • Application range from CSP with 30 pins to BGA and MCM with 3,000 pins for balls with a diameter of 0.28mmφ to 0.89mmφ. (Depending on a microscreen selected for use with a package. The microscreen is optional.)
  • Flux/cream solder printing and ball mounting are possible with this single machine. (Both the screen for cream printing and the screen for ball aligning these devices are necessary.)
  • The screen position (X, Y, Z) can be fine-adjusted with 10µm accuracy based on the micro meter.
  • Fixation of the package and the screen vertical movement are controlled automatically with the opereting switch.
  • It is possible to carry out reflow-soldering immediately after ball alignment; a manual-type N2reflow machine RF-110N2 is also available.
  • The high resolution CCD camera with a zoom lens allows an easy positioning of the screen and the work. With the 5.8× to 17.8× zoom it is easy to handle positioning of packages even with large and microscopic patterns.


Fine-adjustment of X,Y,Z 15mm (10µm steps)
Air input 2 to 5kgf/cm2
Hose OD6mmφ×ID4mm&phi/
Power supply AC120V or 220V 100VA 50/60Hz
External dimensions,
Main unit (W)240×(D)325×(H)580mm 12kg
Control box (W)180×(D)250×(H)110mm 3kg
CCD camera CCD 350,000 pixels, 1/2 inch
Display magnification 5.8× to 17.8× zoom
Monitor 13inch LCD monitor
µS-100 series (option)
Size 14×28mm to 54×63mm (7 kinds)
Thickness 0.15mm or 0.13mm
Material Frame SPCC
Screen SUS304

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